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How It All Began

"In the Beginning God created the heavens and the earth." These are likely some the most well known words in the Bible. They are words I come back to again and again in my spiritual studies. They raise significant questions among many and are rich in meaning, as we will soon see.

Let's begin the spiritual portion of our coaching journey with a friendly discussion of several key concepts found in the scriptures. Looking at the first verse in the Bible (as it is shown above) can be likened to looking at the leaves, branches and trunks of the trees in the picture. And, you will find, much can be learned by doing so. However, we also have the option of digging even deeper into the original meanings of these words (looking at the roots of these trees) as we refer to the ancient Hebrew pictographs that preceded the language used in the Old Testament. When you choose to dig a little deeper, you'll find it is truly life impacting.

Here is an example of this process:

Initial Concept: Genesis

English: In the Beginning

In order to truly understand your "start" (where you are now), you'll develop an understanding of "How it All Began." "In the beginning" is another way of saying "at the start." This is the first Hebrew concept in the ancient book of Genesis:

Hebrew: Bereshith

Meaning: beginning, firstfruits, first, chief

The way something begins has a great impact on how it progresses. For example, a runner who does not warm up before a race is likely to get leg cramps. If she stretches and eats good foods for fuel ahead of time, she is off to a pretty good start. ​​

On this level of the concept, you'll develop an understanding of where you are now (your current starting point). You'll gain a clearer vision of where you want to go in life and what you want to accomplish (ie have more love, joy & peace). We will discuss what this would look like for you. Finally, you'll discover the "food" that will give you the energy you'll need to get there.

It's never to late to begin well. Each second, minute, hour, day, month, year is a new beginning.

Digging Deeper into

the concept of "start"

or "beginning" The Hebrew language reads from right to left. Each letter in the word has its origin in a pictograph which illustrates the original meaning of a concept (much like an arrow pointing to the left tells us to head to the left).

Many times, the original pictographic meaning is very different from how we see things on the surface.

Take, for example, the Ancient Hebrew pictographic meaning of the words

"In the Beginning"


בְּ= means "family, house, in." Here, it is a preposition which means "in" (picture: "tent floor plan")

רֵ = means "first, top, beginning" (picture:"head of a man")

א = means "strong, power, leader" (picture:"ox head")

שִׁ = "sharp, press, eat, two" (picture:"two front teeth"). This also can mean "eat, consume, destroy."1

י = "work, throw, worship" (picture:"arm and closed hand")

ת = "mark, sign, signal, monument" (picture:"crossed sticks")2

The first two letters, בְּרֵ, represent the word "son."3

​Pictographic Meaning: "The son of God will be destroyed (killed) by his own hand (effort) on a cross." 4

As you can see, this is not the way we are used to defining

"In the Beginning!"

On this level, we will explore whether this pictographic meaning was foretold centuries before it actually happened. We will examine the evidence and determine if there is a solid case for believing this message. And we will go to an even deeper level and ask some important questions about other key concepts as part of our spiritual journeys. Among the questions we will explore are:

  • Who is God?

  • ​Who is the Son of God?

  • ​Did He fulfill this pictorial meaning as stated in the verse of the first book of the Bible?

  • ​Why would He be"destroyed (killed) by his own hand (effort) on a cross"?

"What does all of this have to do with

Eden Tree Life Coaching?"

By discovering the pictographic meaning of "In the Beginning" and examining the supporting evidence of it's underlying message, you'll decide whether believing and trusting in it is a viable option for you. This will determine the starting point in your spiritual journey.

"What if I don't believe in the concepts of 'In the Beginning'

or in the Son of God dying on a cross?"

I understand your concern! Before you make a decision to "believe it or not," please click here to check out the supporting evidence. It will help you to authentically examine clues you may never have seen or considered before. Give it a chance. You may be pleasantly surprised and find that the message and evidence has the potential of changing your life.

"I don't believe this. Is Eden Tree Life Coaching still for me?"

Of course! There is so much to learn about "whole person wellness" at Eden Tree Life Coaching. If you're interested in growing and thriving in life, you are welcome.

If you have sincere questions regarding this topic, please feel free to contact me by clicking here. I will respond as soon as possible. For more information about living a full life as it was meant to be, feel free to visit Eden Tree Life Coaching.


Photo Credits:

  1. Wixsite unless otherwise noted

  2. Business Woman: © Photoeuphoria | Dreamstime Stock Photos

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